Last Mile for BoP plans to serve poor communities and help them to get out of poverty. To achieve this goal, we plan to work with four main types of organizations:

- Social entrepreneurs, NGOs and citizen sector organizations who develop products and services designed for the poor and want to scale up its distribution channels and/or expand the range of products and services they offer to their clients to be more sustainable and have a higher social impact;

- Members of local communities where life-changing innovations are needed and who are willing to work with us to distribute products and provide services to empower their communities;

- Large Corporations who realize that the untapped BoP markets represents an important growth opportunity and want to develop life-changing products and services adapted to the poor and who are looking for motivating challenges to retain their talented managers looking for more sense in their daily job;

- Governments and Public Administrations who are looking for poverty alleviation programmes and turn-key sustainable social projects that have a proven track record (clinics, toilets blocks, decentralized energy plants, etc.).

If you would like to collaborate with us, please contact us.